CORE SERVICES & SUPPORT: the Business services we offer

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SEP / SEO and Website Content Audit

  • Consultation
  • Website SEO audit 
  • Google Shopping feed generation and placement
  • Google Ads and remarketing tag management
  • Optimised categorisation and content stucture
  • Canonical / preferred master page reference pointing
  • Penalty score mitigation with duplicate content
  • Link building to improve your website’s reputation online.
  • Analysing your website products & services and mapping website structure.
  • Researching keywords which are important to your market sector and bring in targeted search volume.
  • Understanding the target audience
  • Content creation & optimisation
  • Recommending website code-changes using advanced SEO techniques
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TANKCMS - Content Management

TANKCMS is our flexible, web-based, content management system product. It is built by us, letting you manage your content. With workflow in mind, website administrators can easily maintain content: products, prices, specifications, documents, and digital assets. 

  • Our easy to use web-application
  • Tiered, multi-level, multi-user access
  • Stalled publishing (Create now, publish later)
  • Drag and drop content re-sequencing
  • Multi-image uploader with auto-filesize calculation
  • Advanced subscriber and contact management
  • Optional customised functions
  • Payment by monthly subscription
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Supertank EDM / Email Campaign Manager

Supertank is our report based, one-to-many, email marketing manager. Supertank makes it easy for you to create, send, and measure your email marketing campaigns!  With advanced segmentaton, its easy to define your audience based on criteria. Over 1.5 million transactions have been handled in the past several years. Opens, click-through rates, and metrix are available moments after campaign launch.

  • Personalised content
  • Automatic list management
  • Subscriber sync and mgmt
  • Live metrix and reporting
  • NZ Govt, Electronic Messages Act compliance
  • Throughput 125,000 emails / hour
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Bullet-proof DNS Services & Domain Management

Our name servers are spread around the globe for maximum reliability, with redundancy in New Zealand and USA. We use database replication to propagate DNS record changes instantly, to all our name servers.

  • Fault tolerant, redundant name servers
  • Live changes, responding instantly to DNS lookup queries
  • Low TTLs (for when your details changes often)
  • Any DNS record type (A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, PTR, SPF, SRV, DKIM, TXT, G Suite
  • Zone file wildcards (any sub-domain can have its own IP address)
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Managed Business e-mail Hosting

Our reliable email hosting servers are the dependable platform for your business needs. Whether you're a sole employee with iphone and laptop, or a large scale business with multiple devices, we offer SPAM and Antivirus protection to look after your important emails.

  • Hassle-free email infrastructure
  • Seamless delivery to smartphone / desktop / tablet
  • SPAM / HAM filtering
  • Exchange / Secure IMAP, SMTP and POP3S access
  • Email reputation enhancement
  • Webmail client application
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Computer Systems & IT Support Services

TANK offers system and support complimenting our hosted services. 
Often IT support falls to a staff member with already assigned tasks, or it's not financially viable to employ a full-time employee for the role. We cost effectively manage small to medium-size business networks here in Auckland, throughout New Zealand, and in Australia, providing:
  • Professional technical support with a personal touch
  • Both remote and on-site computer and network support
  • Supply of custom-built and off-the-shelf systems
  • Software configuration and set-up
  • Backup and data migrations
  • System security and anti-virus solutions
  • Work while you're on the move and do business from anywhere
  • Managed services
  • Router and network switch provisioning
  • LAN / WAN services
  • File sharing and cloud storage services
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High Availability Network

Our network is exceptionally fast.
It's designed for high performance and low latency and is the basis of our quality and service delivery.

Site performance and reliability are paramount for your site to have commercial success.

  • SSD RAID disk sets
  • Super-high IO. 24 thread, dual octa-core and ten-core servers
  • Cisco optical routers and switching hardware
  • APNIC supplied /23 network range
  • Scheduled daily updates and backup regimes

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